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Meeting Planner Special Offer

Two Great Presentations For Your Meeting At No Charge

We are happy to announce two new presentations in our Passion&Purpose series. First, take a few moments to read about each presentation and then find how you can have Terry present either one at your next meeting for FREE!

Redesign Your Living and Reclaim Your Life: In this thought provoking presentation Terry discusses the realties and myths around what we do for a living and how this affects our life. Concepts discussed include developing new opportunities in your current profession, getting past the retirement myth, and how to blend making a living with having a life. If you are looking for a dynamic keynote presentation or a topic that will give a different twist to your meeting, then this is a must presentation.

Success: An Inside Job. Have you have asked yourself is this all there is? Has your job lost its excitement and the thrill of new challenges no longer seems important?  Are you looking for a sign or signal that you have finally made it in life? These are the questions and concerns that Terry addresses in his presentation. Creating an environment where each participant can start to explore their own concept of "right work" that will lead to defining a personal road map for success, this presentation is a must for any group of professionals faced with "burn out" issues.

Now About That No Charge Offer

As a way to promote this new series, contract with Terry to present a presentation at our usual fee and he will provide one of the above presentations at no charge. You get 2 presentations for the price of one and save on the travel and lodging fees that you would spend on a second speaker. For other topics click here. To learn more about Terry click here to download a copy of his CV (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here for a free copy).

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