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Meeting Planner Special Offer

To assist individuals and companies in their training needs, we provide several products to assist you in your training and presentation needs .

bulletSpeakingWell Training Series - Learn how to improve your presentation skills for small groups, large audience, or just one-on-one communications. Topics include:
bulletChoosing appropriate subject matter
bulletAudience analysis - Making the meeting planner your best friend
bulletEye contact and non-verbal communication techniques
bulletVoice flections and other tips that professional speakers use

This series can be given in several short sessions or in a multi-day seminar. Emphasis is placed on role playing and creating a working presentation. If you are in sales, marketing, or a position which requires you to influence people, then our SpeakingWell series is for you.


bulletDoes your presentation media Shout Out Loud at your audiences? Perhaps your presentation needs a little sprucing up. Our Out Loud media productions can create and design PowerPoint presentations, sales books, training guides, overheads, flip charts, and just about any type of training aids that you need. Don't recreate the wheel, when you can use our services to make your presentations Shout Out Loud.


bulletSpeakEasy is designed for the beginning speaker or for those who have difficulty speaking to groups or large audiences. Topics include:
bulletPresentation mapping - Make sure all of your bases are covered
bulletUsing audio-visuals to maximize your presentation
bulletGetting past the butterflies and on to the applause

If you have every wondered how the professionals make it look so easy then this series is for you. Learn the tips and secretes of successful speaking.

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