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We offer several keynote presentations which are ideal for opening a conference, sales meeting, or other event. In addition to the following list of topics, we can custom design a presentation to fit the needs for your organization or company.

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Life Design and Personal Growth


Redesign Your Living and Reclaim Your Life.  In this thought provoking presentation Terry discusses the realties and myths around what we do for a living and how this affects our life. Concepts discussed include developing new opportunities in your current profession, getting past the retirement myth, and how to blend making a living with having a life.



You are the Difference: Creating change in and around your life. Using the Terry’s recent experience in an environmental awareness campaign, a 16,500 mile motorcycle trip around the perimeter of the United States as a model, he will discuss how professionals can expand their vision and become involved. The theme of the presentation, Making A Difference, relates to individual actions to create change both as an professionals and as a member of society.


bulletSurThriving. Are you just surviving or thriving in life? Can't seem to find the path that leads to a sense of fulfillment? If you know there is more to life than just "making it" day to day, then this presentation is a must. A great way to start a conference or seminar. Strategic planners can use this as an icebreaker to begin a session.


bulletAre you making a life or just  a living? A journey into creating satisfaction in your work and life. For those who are questioning their life goals, this topic hits home!


bulletNo ordinary moments! Adapted from the works of Dan Millman, author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior", this is one our most requested talks. Showing how we can remove the perception that life is passing us by, Terry involves the audience into discovering that every moment is special.


bulletThe Power of Passion in Pursuit of Purpose. How do high successfully professionals get up every day for work? What do they have that other seem not to possess? The answer is seemly too obvious, nothing! Highly successful professionals have learned how to channel their passion into a career. Learn how you can tape into your passion and live a life of purpose. This is one of our most often asked for presentations and is suitable for any professional meeting.


bulletSuccess is an Inside Job. Have you have asked yourself is this all there is? Has your job lost its excitement and the thrill of new challenges no longer seems important?  Are you looking for a sign or signal that you have finally made it in life? These are the questions and concerns that Terry addresses in his presentation.


bulletPMS "Putting-up with Men's Stuff" A humorous, but very sensitive discussion on why men think, act, respond, and process information the way that they do. A great talk for spouses and employees at a regional or national meeting.


bulletHe/She Speak If you are involved in a sales or service organization, then this presentation is for you. Based on the works of Debra Tannen, Robert Bly, and Lillian Glass, Terry shows how we can use the differences in gender communications to improve sales and productivity. Also available as a seminar


bullet"Help Let Me Out!" A light hearted look at what's happening to corporate workers who are finding new ways to solve business problems.


bulletThe magic and art of knowing who you are. One of our newest presentations, Terry explores our greatest potential: To know who we are and choose who we wish to be. A great topic for a retreat or off site workshop!

If there is a special topic that you are interested in please contact our office and we can create a presentation to match the theme of your meeting.

Contact us about speaking to your civic or non-profit group at no charge

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